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First to launch is the Foundation Phase and it is fully accessible now, with the Development and Performance Phases to follow in 2021. In addition to the curriculum and programmes you also get access to the ‘Expert Insights’ section that includes 20+ hours of video from world leading practitioners and coaches in the field of LTAD.
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  • Flexible Objective Based System
  • Engaging Content Tried and Tested with Young Athletes 
  • Understanding Growth & Maturation
  • Strength & Power Programmes
  • Speed & Agility Programmes
  • Games Based Elements
  • Testing & Monitoring
  • Optimising Training for Large Groups
  • Exercise Progression Videos
  • Access to our LTAD Pathway Development Group
  • Bi-weekly live forums for discussion & collaboration with fellow practitioners
  • Access to our Child To Champion LTAD Pathway
  • 20+ hours of video content from leading experts in Youth Strength & Conditioning
  • Exclusive access to lectures and practicals from our recent UK workshop “An Integrated Approach to  LTAD” delivered by Dr. Mike Young & James Baker

Child To Champion LTAD Pathway:



The LTAD Network is the preeminent coach education network for fitness and performance coaches around the world. Bringing together world class, international expertise in Long-Term Athletic Development, we also recognise the importance of connecting the dots and catering to practitioners working at all levels. Not only are we focused on resources, methods and information to develop athletes, but also to upskill those within the network. It is our philosophy that coaches need coaching too, so we engage strength and conditioning leaders around the world to support the personal and professional development of our coaches.
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