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Jared Deacon 

Scottish Rugby

Jared boasts over 20 years in S&C, holding a BSc, MSc, PGCE, Level 4 Athletics and ASCC qualifications. A former international 400m athlete representing GB for 10YRS at Olympic, World, European and CWGs. Currently at Scottish Rugby as lead for the Edinburgh Regional Academy programme along with working with national squads at all levels. He has also personally coached track athletes to every major international championships, which has included athletes winning medals at Olympic, World and European level.

Rob Anderson

Founder Of Athletic Evolution

Rob is the founder of Athletic Evolution, which he created to provide best practice in the athletic development and coaching of young athletes. Rob previously worked in the Scottish Rugby Academy for 5 years, leading programs across 2 regions as well as the Under 16, 17 and 18 National Squads. Rob joined the LTAD Network as a regional affiliate in March 2021 and is the host of the LTAD Network Podcast. Rob has previously presented for Indigo Fitness, the UKSCA, Perform Better and Jersey Sport Foundation among others.
Building the 24-hour athlete: Establishing habits outside the training environment that support wellbeing and performance.
As coaches we may see our athletes in the gym, or on the court , pitch or track for 1-2 hours a day. But what happens in the 23 hours a day they spend away from us? Do their personal habits such as sleep, nutrition, hydration and organisation support or undermine progress? If poor sleep and nutrition can reduce recovery and limit progress, can we systemise habit formation to ensure athletes are building a solid foundation for wellbeing and performance?

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